All children in the school are assigned to one of six Houses:  Armstrong, Cousteau, Hillary, Nightingale, Pankhurst and Scott.  Children can earn House Points for achievement and effort in all aspects of school life, as well as through inter-house competitions each term.
Each week, the class which has the most House Points wins the form shield, and the winning House flies their house flag above the playground.  The winning House at the end of term is rewarded with a House outing or treat. 
The Friday before each half term holiday is designated a ‘House Day’ when children take part in a variety of activities in their House groups. 

House t-shirts are available from Peter Jones for all the children to wear for PE and Games in their house colours:

Armstrong – Green

Cousteau – Yellow

Hillary – Red

Nightingale - Sky Blue

Pankhurst - Purple

Scott – Blue.