Numeracy is an essential skill for life and maths has a strong focus from the first days of Reception all the way through the school.  We know how important it is to enjoy this vital subject and help children foster a love of maths from the very beginning.

As a non-selective school, it is particularly important to differentiate maths lessons carefully to ensure each child is appropriately challenged in every lesson: too easy, the lesson is boring and children stop trying; too difficult and it quickly feels unattainable, children lose motivation and become demoralised. Maths lessons are taught in sets from Year 3 upwards, and there is an extra maths teacher for each year group, so that the sets are kept small.

Our strategy works: our maths results at 11+ are excellent and our pupils have won numerous scholarships and awards in recent years.  More importantly, many of our pupils embark upon a life-long love of maths.