Language learning at Hornsby House is designed to create confident and enthusiastic communicators, willing to engage with other cultures and meet the world with an open mind.

Lessons are interactive and age-appropriate, favouring songs, rhymes, phonics and useful phrases for our youngest pupils; while older children will grapple with grammar through poetry, literature and relevant, cross-curricular topics.

Our aim is for children of every age to happily speak French and Spanish at home and abroad and use what they know creatively and effectively to make their meaning understood, make friends and express their feelings.

Bilingual children are supported in class through 1:1 teaching and also through a weekly club.

Diversity, tolerance and empathy are the cornerstones of our department and we encourage all our multilingual pupils to celebrate their home languages with us.

Our dedicated language website ‘’ is an integral part of teaching and learning from reception to year six and we hope to welcome parents and pupils of our Hornsby community as we explore modern foreign languages at school and beyond.

To find out more please visit:

and follow these links to our MFL curriculum booklets:-

Reception Goals

Year 1 Goals

Year 2 Goals

Year 3 Goals

Year 5 Goals

Year 6 Goals